We live in a world that is overflowing with "fast fashion" and its negative impact on our environment. Our aim is to create products that doesn´t only look good but also feel good.

Create products where we get to follow the whole story from beginning to end with full transparency. We want to remind people of what an amazing handicraft textiles are. Remind us of what is required of nature and our hands to make a single garment. Create reverence and respect for our clothes, choose them with care and take care of them. We want to make people appreciate the perfection of something that is imperfect, something that is handmade, patched and repaired, that has changed color and gained new layers. We want to show the beauty in something that carries a story, the beauty in something that is so fragile that it almost bursts. And more than anything, that more obvious than finding sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. Don´t let anything go to waste. We want to protect our nature and pay attention to how we affect our planet and its life. We believe in the individual and the collective power of conscious consumption. Creating a beautiful, sustainable brand that is honest with our customers, respects the people who contribute in every step of the process and our planet is of utmost importance. We want to reduce the negative environmental and social consequences by being in constant process and reconsidering every step of our design process, including concepts, materials, production choices, development, use and creation of a product with sustainability in all manufacturing areas. and retail.