Valley Skirt Nettle


Valley Skirt made from organic Kala cotton.
One size and naturally dyed using pomegranate skins and iron.

Sofia is a size UK 8/ EU 36/ US 6 and 170cm tall.

Unisex and one size with relaxed fit that can be suitable for a EUR size 34-52. 

All our products are suggested limited washing , to save both your clothing and the waters of our earth. You can preferably spot clean and airing them. If washing is needed we recommend cold hand wash or maximum 30 degrees in the washing machine. Always let your garment hang dry. 

If you care for a hand dyed products, please always be careful about the sunlight since it might make the color fade when exposed for a long period of time. Don’t be afraid of wearing your garment in the sun just always let your item dry out of sunlight and be extra careful to not leave it folded since it could induce spotting. 

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An absolute staple skirt. Adjustable in size and made from such beautiful fibers. Works for any occasion, from a relaxed look with a short top and your sunhat a warm summer day. To a dressed shirt when you feel festive or why not on top of your favorite dress for a extra layer that comes well in handy a chilly summer night.

The Valley Skirt comes in free size/one size. Is naturally dyed with pomegranate skins and iron, 100% compostable and created without the use of harmful chemicals.

The Valley Skirt is mindfully hand woven from organic Kala cotton. Indigenous Kala cotton from the Kutch area in India is an organic and rainwater crop. The cotton is a part of the Kala cotton initiative, that aims to recreate the chain between the farmers and the weavers and support the use of indigenous cotton in the area. If you are going to use new raw material, make conscious choices. Support artisanal production, where both farmers and artisans get paid fairly for their work. Know your maker and support transparency in the field of textile!

Size and fit

Sofia is a size UK 8/ EU 36/ US 6 and 170cm tall.

Unisex and one size with relaxed fit that can be suitable for a  EUR size 34-52.

Please note that there might be slight spec differences per colors since the dye process is entirely natural and hand-crafted. There might also be a slight color variation  from our photos as pictures create illusions and tend to present false representation of colors. We suggest that you always choose your product with the intuition to embrace the art of natural dyeing and not focus on a very specific color. 


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