The design is inspired by the traditional
Japanese Yukata. In appearance, a yukata
is similar to a kimono. It was historically used
as a bath robe but is today almost exclusively

used by women and the garment often has a

rich and elaborate design. 

The Yukata Gown can be worn in three
different ways. Open, closed and wrapped. 


Made by organic Kala cotton. A rain-fed crop, picked and

woven by hand on handlooms. 


Size 1: Fits a EUR size 32-36.

Size 1: Fits a EUR size 38-40.

See measurement info for more details!

The Yukata Gown

  • SIZE 1:
    -Arm width: 40 cm
    -Chest width : 88 cm
    -Back length : 105cm
    -Arm lenght measured from shoulder : 35cm


    SIZE 2:
    -Arm width: 46 cm
    -Chest width : 88 cm
    -Back length : 108cm
    -Arm lenght measured from shoulder : 36cm