A free flowing piece that can be worn and matched in so many ways. Wear it closed with the belt sashed as a mini dress or open as a jacket. Easily layered over another top, dress or to the beach. With a drop shoulder and wide comfortable sleeves. The Meadow wrap kimono is created out of a soft, woven, crinkled textured, organic cotton. 100% compostable and created completely without any use of chemicals. 


Naturally dyed with ice and snow using layers of acorn and minerals.



Please keep in mind; our garments don’t have inner lining hence lighter colours have a chance of being slightly sheer. 


Please note that there might be slight spec differences per colors since the dye process is entirely natural and hand-crafted. There might also be a slight color variation  from our photos as pictures create illusions and tend to present false representation of colors. We suggest that you always choose your product with the intuition to embrace the art of natural dyeing and not focus on a very specific color. 

Meadow Wrap Arashi


    Arm width : 60cm
    Sleeve length (from shoulder) : 45cm
    Back length : 80cm
    Back width : 70cm (adjustable with wrap)
    Length of belt: 205cm