Part of The Field Set. The Dandelion Short is designed with comfort in mind! With side seem pockets, a flowy design with a tie strap in the waist for flexibility.

Created out of a soft, woven, double gauze organic cotton. The Dandelion short comes in two different sizes and is 100% compostable and created without the use of harmful chemicals.


Natural dyed with madder and avocado.


Please keep in mind; our garments don’t have inner lining hence lighter colours have a chance of being slightly sheer. 


Please note that there might be slight spec differences per colors since the dye process is entirely natural and hand-crafted. There might also be a slight color variation  from our photos as pictures create illusions and tend to present false representation of colors. We suggest that you always choose your product with the intuition to embrace the art of natural dyeing and not focus on a very specific color. 

Dandelion Shorts (Dust)

kr550.00 Regular Price
kr275.00Sale Price
  • If you´re in between sizes we recommend you to go up in size if you prefer a more "skirt look" with more fabric or go down in size if you prefer a tight fit. Please make shore to check the measurements correct. If you´ve any questions or if your size doesnt fit, contact us for information, we´re always happy to guide you! 


    Size 1:
    Waist: 70-105cm
    Hips: 144cm 
    Width leg: 90cm
    Lengt side: 38,5 cm
    Lengt scroth: 36,5cm


    Size 2:
    Waist: 80-165cm
    Hips: 210cm
    Width leg: 126cm
    Lengt side: 44,5cm
    Lengt scroth: 41,5cm