We are in the process of creating as inclusive clothing that fits our many bodys and shapes as possible without the need of creating a large amount of sizes. To create a collection with a large variation of colors with a wide size range for each product and shade increases the risk of unsold products in stock. Which limits our goal to reach a zero waste production. We believe that the common size system together with overproduced collections in the "fast fashion" industry is a big part of the waste problems in the industry which is one of the biggest issues regarding a sustainable production that cares for Mother Earth. 

At the moment some of our garments comes in One size and some in size 1 and 2. We design all our products with a relaxed fit which is why our new collection comes with a drop shoulder and a lot of our designs are made with a wrap model to be able to adjust the chest width. Depending on how much oversize you´re comfortable with the garments fits many sizes!

If you´re in between sizes we would always recommend you

to go up in size.

Our size system is still in process and created from reviews from our customers. We are always happy about feedback and inputs so please contact us if you have any feedback, questions, can´t find your size or have ideas of a design/detail you´re missing that would suit your body! 

You will find the measurements for each product on each product page in our webshop under measurements. These are the measurements for the garment and following is a guide how you take your measurements. Please always check your measurements and that you´ce choosen the correct size before you make you purchase. Read more about our return policy in our Shipping & Return page. 

Always contact us for any questions about sizing,

we are happy to guide you!

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1 - Chest width
Measure the circumference around your chest, under the arms and horizontally over the back. Our wrap models only show measurements of the back width since the front is adjustable. The back measurement x2 shows an average measurement for the chest width.

2 - Waist 
Measure the circumference around the waist.


3 - Heigh hips 
Approximately 10 cm below the waist. The measurement is taken horizontally between the waist and the buttocks.  

4 - Hip width
Approximately 20 cm below the waist. The measurement is taken horizontally around the strongest part.


5 - Back length
Measured from shoulder down along the back to determine the length of the garment.


7 - Neck width
Edge the measuring tape around the neck. The measurement should be equal to a smooth neckline.


9 - Sleeve length
Measured from the outer shoulder tip, over slightly bent elbow and down.


10 - Upper arm width
Measured around the strongest part of the upper arm.

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